DIV 1 Murray - Larry Koon Landing
(Safe Light until 3pm)

Rodney Martin

DIV 2 Hartwell - Broyles Landing
(Safe Light until 3pm)

Travis Satterfield
(864) 704-2421
Keith Satterfield

DIV 3 Lake Hartwell - Waldrops Landing(Weldon Island)
(Safe Light until 4PM EST)

Randy Cantrell
(828) 699-4445

DIV 4 Lake Greenwood 
Day Ramps: Lake Greenwood State Park 
Night Ramp:Hwy 72 Boat Ramp 
(6PM until 12AM)

Wesley Underwood
(864) 923-4301

We are Currently in Search for Director's for all 
South Carolina Lakes. If you are interested,  
Please E-mail or call Doug Pressley
fishingdoug24@live.com or doug.pressley@jtv.com
(865) 599-9795
South Carolina 
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