Our Mission...
        Heartland Anglers mission is to provide an amateur based team trail for the Average Everyday Angler. Heartland Anglers is a Team Tournament for the type of person who gets up everyday, heads to work and puts in a 40 hour work week. Heartland Anglers is for the Weekend Angler who doesn't have time, or can't afford to compete on lakes all across the county as the Pro's do. Heartland Anglers wants to see their Anglers Investment returned to them in cash, prizes and services. It is the Founders desire to do everything possible to provide a fair, honest and well managed Amateur Based Team Tournament Trail that will give the Average Everyday Angler the opportunity to compete for cash and prizes unheard of at the local level.  Come Fish With Us!!!!

Company Overview...
        All divisions will be 90% payback of entry and 100% of Lunker at the ramp. The other 10% goes to the directors of that division, not to Heartland Anglers. 100% of all entry fees for the National Classic will be paid back at the Classic. 
We have partnered with Tennessee Bass Fishing!  Come Check Us Out!

About Heartland Anglers